1. Identify

    We first conduct due diligence of the real estate and/or business, examining how it has traditionally operated and identifying a potential business idea that would better utilize the real estate and/or generate new long-term value for the business. For real estate, this may range from small-scale capex to large-scale renovation and development. For businesses, this may entail technology solutions such as the implementation of cloud-based software and API integration to reduce operational burdens, or more targeted solutions such as bringing in third-party specialists (industry experts, branding & marketing specialists, etc.) to bring new value to the undervalued assets. Where needed, we also create our own software to fill in any gaps, to ultimately build end-to-end solutions for the business.

  2. Create

    We begin by investing our own capital to create a proof-of-concept business and test the business idea. While undergoing multiple iterations to polish up the idea into an actual business, we start forming dedicated teams to run the business. In some cases, we bring in third party capital in the form of asset financing or corporate financing, or form joint ventures to scale the business. At this stage, traditional institutional investors tend to become more comfortable with the business idea and financial institutions consider non-recourse financing on assets.

  3. Grow

    In the end, our aim is to create a successful business that can operate and grow independently.

Selected Works